Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Finds: Graphic Espadrilles

Happy Friday! The espadrille has been around for centuries maybe even thousands of years. It is estimated that these shoes are around 4000 years old. This light sandal, made with jute rope or braided hemp and with linen fabric, comes from Spain. Today, espadrilles are still extremely popular especially in the summer. They are as comfy as flip flops, but much cuter and so much more polished for an easy to slip-on shoe! The simplicity of this shoe makes it very versatile and therefore easy to match with all sorts of different styles. If the espadrille has already been around for 4000 years then it’s not about to go out of fashion now!! If you're going to want a pair to give you season after season of wear, stick with a neutral tone in a classic style. I however, tend to prefer the more colorful options! Here are a few graphic espadrilles that I have my eye on:

Friday Finds: Graphic Espadrilles
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Which is your favorite pair of graphic espadrilles?
What are your go-to summer shoes? 

Have a great three-day weekend! 


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